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Learn How to Monetize Anything by Understanding the Value Proposition

Entrepreneurs bandy a plethora of official-sounding buzz-terms like “blue ocean strategy” and “ROIC.” If you want to monetize any goods or services, value proposition is the buzz phrase you want to get to know.

DMV lineI’m a monetization nerd. When I drive home from work, I wonder if I can I find a way to make money during my daily commute? When I’m standing in line at the DMV, can I make money during my waiting time? At the grocery store, how to make money shopping each week gets as much focus as my grocery list. When I’m doing my bills, I think about how to make money on credit card debt by cashing in on reward miles.

When I’m exercising my monetization muscles, I’m not thinking up hare-brained business schemes. I try to build solid value propositions.

What is a Value Proposition

A value proposition is no different than a marriage proposal made to a complete stranger.  The only real difference is that the proposal is pitched to a customer instead of a future spouse.

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